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antique style wooden bucketsCooperage is the making of buckets, tubs, churns and other related items and dates back as far as egyptian times.

Well buckets come with a handle or "bail", sap buckets come with one longer stave for hanging if desired. Both are made with old narrow top design or later wide top. Your choice.

Hoops can be made of white oak sap wood when ever the material is available.

Old fashioned cold rolled , hand splayed steel hoops are always available. They hold a vessel together better. Quite handsome also. Wooden hoops can loosen up at times and will need to be tapped back down gently to snug up the vessel.

wooden bucketBuckets are made of pine, white cedar or red cedar. I can also make the " old oaken bucket" in which the staves are made of white oak. It was a common well bucket in many areas of the world.

Buckets with Bail: $160 plus $37 shipping & handling

Sap Buckets (no Bail): $140 plus $35 shipping & handling

Height: 11". Diameter Top: 9". Diameter bottom: 11"